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MARINE TEKNİK  Shipping Consulting İndustry & Trade Ltd ; In May 2003 , ship and marine operations engineer with experience Bass Unlimited was founded by A. Serdar GÜÇLÜ.

In the early years of ship repairs and consultancy at the forefront when it ship management also added SUMMIT NAVIGATION SA ‘ or on ships owned business with the SUN SHIPPING SA and GALS TRADING SA ‘ or ships of operation was performed.

Repair and operation activities within the company with the aim to separate ; In October 2004 MARINE MAKİNE Engineering Consulting Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. . was established and put into operation .

Sea on cleaning materials, equipment to produce and to market with the aim MARIN TEMİZ brand under the name of 2009 in May grocery products began to appear and 12.06.2012 on MARIN TEMİZ Yacht and Marine Temiz Pollotions Clean-Up Materials Industry and Trade Ltd. . was established and put into operation .

Within our company with our maritime import, export , supply, repair, maintenance, and surveillance experts in their fields and continue to give service.

Turkish ports in the ports of the Black Sea countries , Floating Case, Iron and Steel under load with all the repair of ships and boats are doing .

Painting with Tank Cleaning of the warehouse and the yapıyoruz.kreyn , Winch, Windlass, Hydraulic Pumps, Engine Repair of machinery such as hydraulic deck are doing .

Crane and the yapıyoruz.bor Lashing Material Testing and Commissioning Design Commitments are doing their jobs .

Of Main and Auxiliary Machinery Repair , Maintenance and Repair ‘re doing .

Piston, Exh valve, Connecting Rod, etc. Coffee . Repair , Repairs, Maintenance and Redondition are doing.

Pump Repairing , Maintenance and Repair of the yapıyoruz.kaz , had the Kuler , is Evaporeyt , Turbocharger , separator and so on. Auxiliary Machinery Repair and Maintenance Repair of you are doing .

Engineering, Appraisal and Consulting Services offer.

Code name , name Care Attitude, Iso , SOPEP vb.booklet process of preparation for the company are doing.

Name Vessel Inspection Shipowners ‘ s are doing .

Technical Materials and Equipment Manufacturing and Supply ‘re doing .

Marine cleaning products production and imports are doing .

MARINE TEKNİK Maritime Consultancy way that we started with , you have to provide all kinds of support to our friends are trying to be . To resolve gaps in the system , the first name that comes to mind are trying to make .

With the quality of the work we do and would like to dug into the memory . When empowered with our company , thanks to our friends first step towards becoming one of the pioneers of the industry is taking .

To take customer satisfaction as main principle; and to provide best service in terms of information and technical support about ship maintenance, repair and service.To be in the leading position and to set an example in the ship maintenance and repair industry with its respect to environment and with its reassurance to customers.To support quality improvement work with the participation of all its employees and to maintain its continuity.To make reasonable price policy (in accordance with conditions of international competition) and honesty a principle for all its employees.To adopt the benchmark treatment and principle of “continuous improvement” and “right the first time”.To adopt and apply the principle of continuing training.We, as the management, guarantee to honor in accordance with the terms of quality management system.

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